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Thanks to hundreds of backers who have supported us already! We are thrilled with the response to our newest hands-on learning too: PocketLab Air. Don't worry, the PocketLab Air campaign is still live until December 15, and there is still time to get an early bird discount, which is about $100 off our planned retail price.  Visit our PocketLab Air Kickstarter campaign right here.

With PocketLab Air you are a climate scientist! PocketLab Air you can measure carbon dioxide, ozone, particulate matter, temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, heat index, and dew point. You don't need to believe the confusing and conflicting reports in the news, you can investigate climate change and air pollution for yourself, and collaborate on global science experiments with students, citizen scientists, and researchers through PocketLab Air's Mission Mode app. Learn more here. 


PocketLab Stories
How do you explore science with PocketLab? Take a video or picture of your PocketLab in action and share it in the PocketLab Stories page or tweet it using the hashtag #PocketLabIt. Then browse other PocketLab stories and use cases for ideas and inspiration. Check out our featured PocketLab Story below:

PocketLab on Earthquake Machine

PocketLab Story by Ryan Hollister
Earthquake Exploration: Used my @thepocketlab to help students visualize the relationship of  friction/stress to frequency and size of Earthquake. (Originally shared via Twitter. #PocketLabIt)




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Want to contribute your PocketLab lesson plan? Email us here and we'll set you up as a Content Creator. 

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